Entrevista a Xavier Ros-Roca en PTV Compass Blog

FIT honours Xavier Ros-Roca for his research work on transport science

We are very proud that the FIT (Foro de Ingeniería del Transporte) honoured Xavier Ros-Roca for the research work he is conducting with PTV Group Software within the context of his Ph.D. at the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya). The FIT is a Spanish non-profit association formed by transport engineers and practitioners. It aims to promote, and coordinate activities related to Transport Engineering, specifically in the fields of education and research. During the “III Scientific Campus for Young Researchers” Congress in Madrid, Ros-Roca and other Ph.D. students from Spanish universities presented their research in sessions and got judged by a jury consisting out of three professors from different Spanish Universities. Xavier Ros-Roca convinced the jury with the scope of his research, its methodology, and level of development.

He took the time to answer three questions:

Compass: Can you briefly explain what your research is about?

Xavier Ros-Roca: I do research on the Dynamic Origin-Destination Estimation Problem. This aims to calibrate the OD matrices for Dynamic Assignment in macrosimulation as well as provide input to microsimulation. This problem has been classically addressed by comparing real traffic counts detected by sensors on the real network. We are trying to improve these methods, their computational time and the quality of the calibrated matrices. We’re doing this by incorporating new data, coming from smartphones, GPS tracking, and other ICT traffic measurements.

Compass: How do you use PTV software for your research?

Xavier Ros-Roca: PTV Software is at the heart of my research. I use PTV Visum every day, as it is the basis for my experiments. I connect to it via COM and run several Simulation Based Assignments (SBA) to access to simulated data and compare it to the available real traffic measurements and re-estimate the OD matrices.

Compass: How do you feel about being honoured by the FIT?

Xavier Ros-Roca: I’m very happy because it recognizes more than one year of my research work. This award motivated me to go forward and convinced me that my research is interesting for the transport engineering community, both on Academic level as well as in the professional world.

Fuente orginal de la noticia: http://compass.ptvgroup.com/2019/06/fit-honours-xavier-ros-roca-for-his-research-work-on-transport-science/?lang=en